Expecting good numbers for 2014 from the Port of Grays Harbor, Deputy Executive Director Leonard Barnes told Port Commissioners last week “we’re looking for a really strong finish to this year in the last quarter, very strong finish; all of our commodities are up.” Barnes said when exports in one area were low this year, another division seemed to fill the gap “You know even though the log business has been slow here in the last few months, the first half of the year was extremely strong so we’re still ahead of the curve.” The lulls kept the port from traffic jams on and off the water, as auto exports slowed when trains became hard to come by earlier this year. Barnes added “Even though we were hit hard with the auto [exports] the first half of the year with the winter storms and lack of engine power, we’re ahead of our projections and ahead of last years’ volume numbers. And we’re seeing some diversification with different types of autos now.”
In July, Pasha Automotive Services exported a record 17,109 automobiles, and they’re not just Chryslers anymore either, Barnes said the Port has been working with several car manufacturers; “May be small numbers from newer manufacturers, but that gives us opportunity to grow those businesses.” The cars are shipped by rail from production facilities in the eastern United States to Western Washington, then shipped to ports like Japan, China, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.