Aberdeen Police are hoping that someone will recognize a couple of women who assaulted another woman for her shoes and cellphone last week.

Lt. Kevin Darst said that it happened just after 6 am Thursday morning in front of the fire department on Market Street. Surveillance footage from a camera at the Aberdeen Fire Department shows a woman approached by another then a fight ensued. The attacker steals the victim’s cellphone before she begins to fight back, but then a third woman enters and assists the attacker. The first attacker ends up stealing the woman’s shoes as the second attackers grabs the woman’s backpack. A truck stops on the road as the fight winds down and the two women walk away, one carrying the victim’s shoes.

Darst said responding officers found the victim still in front of the fire department. She said that she was jumped by two women she knew as “Shelby” and “Krystal.” She said that she was walking on the sidewalk westbound on Market Street in front of the fire department when the girls confronted her. The told her to take her shoes off, but the victim refused. One of the suspects started swinging at her and then the other girl started assaulting her. They knocked her to the ground and stomped her face. The victim stated that she did not fight back and covered her face. The suspects took her shoes off, then stole them and her cell phone before they took off.


The victim was treated by the fire department for her injuries but declined to be transported to the hospital. The Aberdeen Police Officers investigating the crime obtained video of the robbery which confirmed everything that the victim told them.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the Aberdeen Police Department at (360) 533-3180.