The Aberdeen Police Department has received an increase in the number of vehicle prowl incidents in the City of Aberdeen lately. Lieutenant Kevin Darst said in a press release that vehicle prowls are one of the most common and preventable crimes that take place in the City of Aberdeen and all cities across our country. He said, “We encourage all of our citizens to call 911 if they see anyone that may be trying to commit a vehicle prowl.”

Darst said that there was a rash of vehicle prowls last night and with the help of citizens calling 911, Aberdeen Police Officers were able to track down the suspect and arrest him on multiple charges. “We appreciate your help in making our city safer.”

The department is also encouraging that citizens try to help prevent vehicle prowls by following the common safety and prevention tips:

Preventing Vehicle Prowls

Vehicle prowls are one of the most common and preventable crimes that take place in the City of Aberdeen. The majority of vehicle prowls and thefts from motor vehicles are easily preventable and avoidable by following these simple steps.
Secure your vehicle. This includes rolling up all windows, locking all doors, trunks, hatches, bed-mounted tool boxes, and canopies.

Don’t leave items of value in your vehicle. Items to remove would be:

o Bank and ATM statements
o CDs and portable CD players
o Cell phones
o Checkbooks
o Credit cards
o Jewelry
o Keys (even if they are not for the vehicle)
o Laptop
o Mail
o Wallets / purses

Witnessing a Vehicle Prowl

If you witness a vehicle prowl in progress do not confront the prowler. Call 9-1-1 immediately and report it to the police. If able to do so, get a good description of the prowler, including:

o Anything that would make them stand out
o Clothing (hat, shirt and pants color, gloves, shoes)
o Direction of travel
o Height
o Weight

Don’t leave anything in your vehicle that you do not want to be stolen if it should get prowled. Remember, a good rule of thumb is “when in doubt, take it out.” If the prowler can see something of value, they most likely will break into your vehicle.