Aberdeen Police investigated a very suspicious scene this morning after finding blood in the 2200 block of Sumner Avenue. Crime scene tape blocked the way for homes on half of the block just after 7 am Thursday morning while police searched the area with flashlights. The right lane of Sumner was blocked for about an hour to accommodate the search.

A source in that area tells KBKW that it appeared an animal was killed nearby and the scene alerted police to a possible homicide. Aberdeen Police tell us a deer was killed in that area and the scene was initially suspicious, however, deer hairs confirmed no foul play.

While they were not sure if the animal was struck by a vehicle or killed by a weapon, police said no gunshots were reported in the area.

An official press release later this morning explained that at approximately 6:23 AM, Aberdeen Police Officers were dispatched to a report of an unknown problem in the 2200 block of Sumner.  The complainant was reporting several hours previously they believed someone was dragging something by their window.  When a family member awoke in the morning, they discovered fresh blood on the outside of the residence and on the side of their vehicle.

Aberdeen Police Officers and Detectives set up a perimeter around the area to attempt to locate additional evidence and a potential victim.  Additional examination of the blood and hair evidence indicated it was likely a deer.  Out of an abundance of caution, detectives recovered several blood samples.  The deceased animal was not located.

We would like to remind people to please call us should they believe something is occurring that is suspicious.  If you feel it is an emergency, please call 911.  If you feel is a non-emergent situation you can call our dispatch center at 360-533-8765 and ask to speak to an Aberdeen Police Officer.  You may also report suspicious activity and other calls that are not in progress online here:  https://www.frontlinepss.com/aberdeen