Police will be working with a film crew in Aberdeen next week. Lt. Kevin Darst tells us that there will be a crew in Aberdeen working with Police Personnel to shoot a promotional video on Monday, March 7th. The Aberdeen Critical Response Unit and additional officers will be featured in the production which is mostly taking place in the 600 block of West 1st street, between Alder and Michigan streets.

A house in the 600 block of 1st street in Aberdeen is being transformed into the “Cobra Clubhouse” of Tacoma. The shot list for the day includes helicopter flyovers and the department’s Mine Resistant Armor Protected vehicle, as well as several officers in SWAT gear.

The proposed filming date is Monday, March 7th 2016, from approximately 12 PM until 5 PM.

A letter distributed to neighbors reads: “We will be closing down West 1st Street from 1230 PM until approximately 2:30 PM between North Alder and North Michigan streets. The Aberdeen Police Department will be conducting vehicle maneuvers during this time, and you can expect to see aerial photography taking place around the vicinity.”

We have made the necessary coordination with the City. If a permit is granted it will be available at the location. We agree to abide by all City filming rules and any specific guidelines applicable to your neighborhood. We will make every effort not to disturb you and will arrive and vacate your neighborhood at the agreed upon time. We appreciate your hospitality and cooperation while filming on your street and in your neighborhood.

APD Filming in Aberdeen

Darst said that while the officers will be in APD uniforms, using department equipment, they are doing this on their own time with the permission of Chief Bob Torgerson.


Show Synopsis

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Here is a link to the APD presentation on Imperium, JWalk Entertainment is the propduction company at http://jwalkentertainment.com/