Detectives investigating a recent burglary know their ‘perp’ doesn’t smoke one brand of cigarette. Someone broke into a closed grocery store in Westport recently stealing 50 bottles of alcohol and every tobacco product, except their supply of Virginia Slims.

It was the first of two recent break-ins for the Ted’s Red Apple/Westport Market. The only grocery store in Westport has been closed since early June, it’s owners working to reopen tell us the total loss is about $5,000.

Westport Police discovered the first burglary Thursday afternoon July 31st, the owners tell us they had just left the store earlier that day. Thieves also stole about a dozen of the rolling hand-carts that you’re starting to see more of in grocery stores, and the owners are hoping someone might recognize them. They are black baskets with wheels and a tow-handle, and can be carried or pulled.

Also stolen was a black shopping cart with a black fabric basket and “Asian” writing, some soda pop, and all of their tobacco products including some chewing tobacco, rolling tobacco, and many related products – except the Virginia Slims. Store Manager Staci Bridgeman tells KBKW they also tried to get into a cash register, and apparently left traces of beef jerky all over the store.

A reward is being offered, anyone with any information is asked to call the Westport Police Department at (360) 268-9197