A Hoquiam woman who started an online petition asking the city of Aberdeen to stall lane changes on Wishkah and Heron streets has now changed lanes herself.

Jennifer Province said she was surprised at the amount of supporters who signed the online petition at moveon.org since last weekend, as of today the tally is nearing 1,250.
Province said on the petition that she felt the city made the decision to drop a lane from Wishkah and Heron streets without consulting local businesses.
After talking with Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson on Tuesday, and getting more information about the changes, she says she now supports the lane changes. She said this morning “A lot of people are against it because they don’t know the details and it is the job of the city to get the information out there for not only Aberdeen residents but for county residents. Once the info is out there, I recommended they wait for feedback.”
Province sent an email to petition signers last night, asking that they consider waiting for more feedback.