A persistent boat that sank in the Westport Marina last December appears to be finally on its way out at a significant cost to the Port of Grays Harbor. Legal Council Art Blauvelt told Commissioners at their meeting last week “Now obviously, the vessel having sunk on December 6th, and the vessel still in the process of being removed is the result of a combination of events including weather here in Grays Harbor County and snowstorms on the East Coast.”

Weather across the US held up an order of ship salvage airbags needed to refloat the 67-foot commercial fishing vessel that sank mysteriously at Float 11 on December 6th.

Express Diving was contracted for $30,000, with an additional $15,000 added by change order in December. Brumfield Construction has been contracted for the upland removal, testing, and disposal of the vessel, which the port anticipates will cost another $14,500. Blauvelt added, “The department of Natural Resources’ Derelict Vessel fund is expected to contribute to some of the disposal costs.”

Executive Director Gary Nelson said that the owner of the vessel had recently taken out a loan and installed a new motor, however, “She didn’t have the resources to recover it, but was not able to do that. That’s why she and the mortgage holder signed off so we could step in and remove the obstruction from the marina and [from] doing any more damage.”

Commissioner Jack Thompson asked if the boat was insured, Nelson said that it was not, adding that wooden-hulled boats are becoming more difficult and more expensive to insure. The Persistence was floated last week and was tied up at the haulout boat ramp Wednesday afternoon after spending more than 2 months sunk at Float 11 in the Westport Marina.