Paramedics were called on Thursday, January 17, when four teenagers became ill after eating an “edible” – usually, a brownie, cookie or piece of candy laced with drugs. Three of the teens were taken by ambulance to the hospital and another was kept under close observation at the school after being evaluated by paramedics.

Dr. Alicia Henderson, superintendent of the Aberdeen School District, said in a press release Friday, “Fortunately, the students are fine.” Henderson said she is sharing information about the unfortunate occurrence at Aberdeen High School to highlight the dangers of ingesting food or beverages laced with marijuana – or any drug, for that matter.

Henderson added, “this is a very serious concern. So-called edibles have become increasingly popular and available, and we need the community’s help to stress to our young people the dangers of eating any product not prepared under proper conditions in the home or under regulated conditions in the marketplace.”

Bringing drugs or tobacco onto a school campus is against the law, the superintendent added, which is why the District is not sharing additional information at this time as the incident is under investigation by the Aberdeen Police Department.

“Many people in our community are working to increase awareness among our young people that the dangers of drug and alcohol use are very real,” Dr. Henderson said. Harbor Strong, a community coalition of health and public safety agencies on Grays Harbor, is focused on reducing drug and alcohol abuse. Harbor Strong is working to bring Officer Jermaine Galloway to our community for a presentation, she said.

Galloway is an award-winning Idaho law enforcement officer who specializes in powerful presentations intended to combat drug and alcohol abuse.

In addition, the Aberdeen School District is working with True North and other agencies to strengthen its ongoing message to students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Forums are planned in February at Aberdeen High School and a community information forum is being planned for April 24.

More information about these events will be made available as plans are finalized.