New Tsunami Sirens are being installed in Pacific County. The county commissioners yesterday approved an interlocal agreement with the Washington State Military Department to install a siren at Anderson Field and one at the Port of Chinook.

Scott McDougall, Deputy Director of the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency said they got a deal on the $60-thousand sirens. “No cost to the county, other than providing power and we’ll be responsible for maintaining the batteries in the sirens.”

With the two new sirens and two on tribal lands, McDougall said they have 23 sirens in Pacific County. With a single spot on the Long Beach Penninsula in his sights as the last area not “covered” by the outdoor sirens.

Just like Grays Harbor’s loud reminders of coastal living, the AHAB sirens are tested on the first Monday of every month at noon. They have a range anywhere from 1-1.5 miles depending on conditions and are only one piece of the county’s warning system.