On May 7, a resident of Pacific Care and Rehabilitation was diagnosed with COVID-19. Since then, all other residents and staff have been tested for COVID-19 and all results have come back negative.

“We have tested all the residents and staff from Pacific Care Center.  The results of the testing indicate to me that COVID-19 was not spread in the facility,” said Dr. John Bausher, Grays Harbor Public Health Officer.  “Pacific Care Center has in place the appropriate procedures to reduce the risk to their residents.”

Grays Harbor County Public Health’s COVID-19 Incident Management Team continues to work closely with local long-term care facilities and the Washington State Department of Health to ensure the facilities have adequate supplies of personal protective equipment and COVID-19 testing supplies.

“We at Pacific Care and Rehabilitation Center have been very focused on infection control during this difficult time and have been proactive in our testing for COVID 19 in the facility,” said Mark Cheney, Executive Director. “I am very happy that our hard work has been fruitful and that we have been keeping our residents safe.”

Case count updated

Previously identified case reassigned back to Grays Harbor; new additional case identified

Grays Harbor County has 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

·         March 2020: 2 cases 

·         April 2020: 10 cases

·         May 2020: 3 cases

A previously identified case that was re-assigned to Pierce County on Monday has now been re-assigned back to Grays Harbor County. Cases are assigned to counties based on the person’s permanent residence. Sometimes it is not immediately clear which county a case should be assigned to because of incomplete or inconsistent information. Public health staff were able to determine that this case was, in fact, a permanent resident of Grays Harbor County.

One additional case of COVID-19 was identified today. Public health staff are reviewing the case and notifying close contacts. Grays Harbor Public Health Incident Management Team (IMT) remains prepared to respond if any additional cases are identified.

Grays Harbor County Public Health will continue to operate a COVID-19 call center that will assist people with testing referrals. Assistance is available in both English and Spanish. Call (360) 964-1850. Please note that the call center’s hours of operation will once again be Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4pm.

Everyone should stay home and stay healthy. If you have to leave your home for essential activities, wear a cloth face covering.

Grays Harbor Public Health Incident Management Team and Grays Harbor Emergency Operations Center provide the most accurate, timely information possible. For any questions about COVID-19 and our response call (360) 964-1850, email [email protected], or visit our website at http://www.healthyGH.org.  Like us on Facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/healthyghc