Pacific Care and Rehabilitation Center in East Hoquiam will be closing its doors to visitors and new residents to ensure the safety of their current residents. Administrator Mark Cheney said yesterday that staff are canceling group activities and working with the residents more one-on-one, adding that, “a lot of the precautions that we’ve been using to try to protect the facility will be the same ones that we use every year to try to keep the flu out of our facility.”

Stepping up their protocols in response to the COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus, Cheney said staff members are being checked for high temperatures as they begin their day and any showing possible symptoms are being asked to stay home.

Cheney said a lot of group activities are being shelved as a precaution, including bingo, in order to keep the residents at a safe distance from each other as well. He said they have quarantine protocols ready for anyone showing signs of an illness and are making sure that individual entertainment is available, “making sure that their TV’s working good (for one) if they want magazines, crossword puzzles if they just want somebody to sit in there and talk to for a little bit we’re trying to do that as much as possible.” Cheney added, “It’s really just too dangerous to keep everybody in big groups because that’s how it spreads really quickly.”

Any events planned at the facility have been postponed until further notice. Cheney said family of residents may call their office with questions. (360) 532-7882

Check first with a phone call if your plans involve an assisted living facility any time soon.