The Pacific Beach Fire District is performing a mass casualty training this Saturday and they need mock-victims of all ages.
Community Liaison for District #8, Stephanie Allestad tells us kids will needs parents signature, and wear some old clothes because you’re going to get mock-bloody. You can download the permission form here, or call Stephanie for details at 360-276-0009.

Grays Harbor Fire District #8 serves Moclips, Pacific Beach, Aloha and Seabrook, Washington.

A few tips for volunteers

 Wear old clothing and shoes. You may be wearing adhesives, stage make-up and fake blood. The blood will stain.
 If you have any physical issues, i.e.: no long term standing, please note it on the form.
 You may be asked to role play a severe injury or mental status, if this makes you uncomfortable please indicate so.