The phones are already ringing off the hook in the call center at the Satsop Business Park in Elma. A private ribbon-cutting ceremony next week will mark the unofficial “opening” of the Customer Care Center in Washington.

Carter Lee, Senior Vice President of IT and People Care tells KBKW that he was surprised at how quickly the Utah-based company was able to fill the call center, “We just wanted to be conservative. As we were working with the State of WA we told them that timeline of 150 people by now. But in the back of our minds, we kind of wondered whether we could do it or not. We were actually able to exceed it by about a month so we were pretty happy about that.”

Hired Locally

With help locally from the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council, Worksource Grays Harbor, and Thurston County Worksource, the company was able to fill the call center at the base of the Satsop Cooling towers about a month sooner than they had planned.

Carter said that from the beginning of the process to bring the customer care center to our area the company has been working with Grays Harbor and Thurston Counties to staff the building. He wasn’t able to say exactly how many were hired from either county, in part because they didn’t focus on that as a condition of hiring. he said, “We assume that the closer somebody lives to this call center, the more attractive it’s going to be to work there. So we’re not really trying to discriminate at all, what we’re trying to do is make sure that we have people.”

A First For The O

Carter said this is the first time the company has hired this many for a new location. He said, “We have one ‘transplant’ out there, and the rest are all from the State of Washington.”

A private ribbon-cutting ceremony has been scheduled next week, but Carter tells us the ceremony is mostly ceremonial since they are finishing up training the final 50 employees this week and the first 100 employees are already taking calls.