Busted for zoom bombing, the Aberdeen School District has talked with a couple of local parents over the new trend that’s crashing zoom meetings and virtual classrooms across the country. District Superintendent Alicia Henderson told the school board at their meeting earlier this week. “It’s an issue nationally we have experienced. Fortunately, we do have some safety protocols in place to avoid zoom bombing as best-possible but there are some folks who’ve been able to get through.”

The prank happens in many forms, Zoom URL’s are just strings of letters and numbers so sometimes changing a couple characters puts a bomber in a different conference. In other forms people just join and disrupt the meetings.

Henderson added, “We have been able to track down the IP address of known-zoom bombers and we have had some, they’ve been middle school and high school. In all but one case the administration has been able to track down the students.”

She said the district worked with parents on corrective action and continues to work on security measures to avoid future mishaps. One option being explored is licensing a version of Zoom for the entire district, but that would require a disclosure signature from every parent.

The online world of learning will continue for the foreseeable future. Grays Harbor County Health Officer Dr. John Bausher issued a letter to local administrators continuing to support the distance learning model over in-person classes. Bausher said “Due to the magnitude of Grays Harbor County’s current case rate all K-12 schools should prepare to implement the educational and extracurricular modalities associated with the ‘high COVID-19 activity level’ for an extended period of time. I recommend schools should consider implementing the educational and extracurricular modalities associated with a lower level of activity (as defined in the Decision Tree document) only after Grays Harbor County’s case rate shows a downward epidemiological trend for four consecutive weeks.”