A 45-year old Ocean Shores man was arrested on Second Degree Assault charges after he pulled a gun on a Police Officer Sunday night. Sgt. David McManus with the Ocean Shores Police Department said in a press release overnight that the officer fired his sidearm at the man, but neither man was injured.

At about 8:16 pm on October 29, an Ocean Shores Officer was dispatched to check the welfare of an Ocean Shores resident. The man’s mother had called the Grays Harbor Crisis Clinic because her son had been sending her odd text messages that made her concerned for his safety. An employee of the Crisis Clinic then called authorities.

When the officer went to the residence, the man pulled a handgun on the officer. The officer discharged his sidearm, and the man retreated into the house.

Officers from the Sheriff’s Department, Hoquiam PD, Aberdeen PD and Montesano PD all responded to assist. The house was surrounded and the officers on scene talked to the man for a little over an hour before he agreed to step outside. He was then taken into custody.

As is standard practice in any officer-involved shooting, the officer has been placed on administrative leave. The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Department is handling the investigation into the shooting.