The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) presented Ocosta High School, in Westport, Wash., with its 2014 School Recycling Award for Partnerships. The award, which recognizes outstanding paper recycling programs, was presented at Ocosta High School’s end of the school year assembly on Friday.


The school’s recycling program is a district-wide group effort with students at all grade levels, local businesses and the wider community participating.


“AF&PA is proud to honor Ocosta High School’s recycling efforts with this year’s School Recycling Award for Partnerships. Not only do they educate students and the broader community about the importance of recycling, they’ve opened their program to those who do not have another opportunity to recycle,” said Jan Cleiland, recovered fiber manager  at KapStone Paper and Packaging Corporation. KapStone presented the award on behalf of AF&PA.


Ocosta High School established a paper recycling program in 1992. In the twenty plus years since, their program evolved from complete commingled to having corrugated cardboard and mixed paper separated and baled. They advertise and put articles in the local newspaper welcoming all local businesses to bring in corrugated cardboard.


“On behalf of Ocosta High School, I would like to thank AF&PA for this award. We’re excited to continue increasing the paper recycling efforts of our school and the surrounding community,” said School Principal Brian Hunter.


AF&PA recently announced that 63.5 percent of all paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling in 2013.  Recycling programs such as Ocosta High School’s, combined with the recycling efforts of millions of Americans each day, help drive the industry toward its goal to exceed 70 percent paper recovery for recycling by 2020.


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