A 39-year old Ocean Shores man is in custody for Residential Burglary after allegedly entering a vacant residence and stealing several items, including cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

At about 1:18pm on March 31, a report was received of a male possibly stealing packages from a residence in the 300 block of Ensign Ave. NW in Ocean Shores. The witness gave an excellent description of the male suspect and the vehicle he left in. Ocean Shores officers immediately recognized both descriptions and began checking locations that suspect and vehicle are known to frequent.

The suspect and the vehicle were located, and some of the stolen property was on the hood of the car when the officers arrived. The suspect was interviewed and admitted to entering the house to take what he could find, emphasizing his desperate need for cleaning supplies due to the shortage of such items at local stores. However, the suspect also took several other items, such as wood paneling, that had been in the house.

The suspect was booked into the Gray Harbor County Jail.

Assisting in this investigation was the newest Ocean Shores PD officer, Daniel Fode, who recently graduated from the Academy and was on his second shift as a uniformed officer.