A 67-year old Ocean Shores man was arrested after allegedly threatening a neighbor with a stun gun and a knife. Ocean Shores officers were called to the 800 block of Ocean Shores Blvd. NW Friday afternoon. The suspect had retreated to his apartment and refused to respond.

Police were able to contact the man by phone but he refused to come out, saying he was afraid they were going to arrest him. He did invite the officers into his apartment and was ultimately arrested when two witnesses said they saw him chasing the victim, waving a stun gun and a knife, yelling that he was going to cut and kill the victim.

The weapon, an Ulu knife, was recovered from the man’s apartment.

The suspect was reportedly intoxicated, and was very belligerent with the arresting officers.

The suspect was booked into the County Jail for Assault 2°, a Class B felony. The Prosecutor’s Office will determine what charges will be filed after reviewing the report.