A man who followed and confronted a suspicious car ended up tripping and firing his weapon off at a park in Ocean Shores early this morning. The incident was reported by a homeowner on Duck Lake Drive SE, South of Chinook Park just after 5 am Monday morning.

Sgt. David McManus with the Ocean Shores Police Department said that the homeowner looked out his window early this morning to see two people prowling around on his property. He stepped out to confront them and they left in a vehicle. The homeowner followed in his vehicle and called 911.

The suspects stopped to turn around at the park on Duck Lake and the homeowner stopped to confront them. The driver fled on foot and a passenger stayed in the vehicle. When the homeowner stepped across a ditch toward their vehicle he tripped and accidentally discharged a .22 caliber handgun that he used to confront the woman who remained.

Police were still searching this morning for the driver. McManus said it does not appear that the fired-round hit anything or anyone, he said they did not receive any reports of shots in the area this morning adding that the caliber of the weapon would not have made a lot of noise.

Below is the press release sent out Monday morning:

At 5:09am on December 2, 2019, Ocean Shores Officers were dispatched to a prowler call in the 600 block of Duck Lake Drive SE. The caller reported seeing a prowler in his yard, and that they then got into a vehicle and drove off.

The caller, a 69-year old Ocean Shores resident, armed himself with a pistol and got into his vehicle to search for the suspects. He found the vehicle at Chinook Park and confronted them, with his gun in his hand. The male suspect ran off into the park and has not been located.

As the caller approached the vehicle he slipped in the ditch and accidentally discharged his pistol. Nothing and no one was hit by the bullet. The caller then struggled with the female and detained her until police arrived.

The female suspect gave a voluntary statement about the incident and was released, pending further investigation. The female is a 27-year old resident of Shelton.

The vehicle the suspects were in was seized pending obtaining a search warrant, as items were seen through the windows that may be stolen in other crimes around Ocean Shores recently.