The City of Ocean Shores said goodbye to their police chief last night. The walls on the outside of the packed council meeting were lined with police and family members.

Chief Mike Styner spoke quietly, “Well I don’t know what to say, the last 36 years has been an interesting ride here in Ocean Shores. I want to thank the police department, the officers that I’ve worked with over the years.”

Styner continued, “It’s been a pleasure, I also want to thank the fire guys. There has always been a lot of support from both departments. This town is very lucky to have the committed staff that they have working for them.”

Food catered by George Lee filled two tables in the lobby of the Ocean Shores Convention center where the council holds their meetings. Mayor Crystal Dingler noted that most of the city staff got their chance to say goodbye during a recent roast at the fire hall. She thanked Styner during the meeting, “Thank you so much, for all you have done for this city, it’s been a pleasure to serve with you and thank you so much for everything.”

Interim Fire Chief Captain Brian Ritter presented Styner with some leftover roasts, “It’s no mystery the work ethic that Chief Styner has shown this city. I was 6-years-old, Chief, when you started here.”

Ritter also presented Styner with a three-sided coffee mug that had its own history, “There were moments in this city where the economy as we all know wasn’t so good. Chief Styner held the title of fire chief, police Chief, and the mayor. So every morning at the firehouse – this is where we’d get together and we’d have a hot cup of coffee. Depending on the day we would just turn the mug to whatever he was that day.” Ritter started to choke up as the crowd laughed and he continued, “Chief I want to give you your coffee mug, but I want to make sure that you stop by and you fill it with coffee because it’s hot anytime for ya.”

The crowd of more than 70 was stirred during several standing ovations for Chief Styner. Ritter also presented Styner with his very own police-blue fire helmet. He told the crowd, “He was there for the city, in a lot of time of sorrow, times where a lot of people weren’t able to hold it together chief MS held it together all the time every time. and I will always have a lot of respect for chief and I wanted to thank you for your dedicated years of service here, thank you.”

Chief Styner gave notice to the city earlier this year that he planned to retire at the end of March after 36 years of service.