The second round of ballots has been counted at the Grays Harbor County Elections Office, ballots were sent to just under 27,000 registered voters for the August Primary. Voter turnout so far is at around 31%, with more ballots to count the election results will be certified on the 18th of August.

EMS levies appear to be passing in Elma, Westport, Ocosta, and Tokeland (in Pacific County).

Some of the races are starting to form on the November General Ballot and unless a big batch of numbers come in for the third candidates Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney will face Council Jasmine Dickhoff, challenger John Wiedl grabbed less than 10% of the votes there and will likely not advance to the November General Election.

Incumbent Westport Mayor Michael Bruce will likely face strong-challenger Rob Bearden who has over 66% of the votes, third challenger Jim Lang has just under 5% of those votes. Also in Westport, Councilwoman Pat Gardner will defend her seat from Brandi Holmes, third challenger Jerry Schlaupitz grabbed 19% of 398 votes.

Aberdeen councilwoman Margo Shortt will likely defend her seat against Elaine Redner, who trail’s Margo’s 50% with 32%, Courtney Cook holds 17% of 682 votes.

Port Commissioner Stan Pinnick will defend his District 3 seat against Jackie Farra. Third challenger Richard Sinclair gathered just under 13% of the votes.

Some races are too close to tell yet, like in Aberdeen where Mayoral candidate Erik Larson now holds over 55% of the vote. Jack Micheau has 24, and incumbent Mayor Bill Simpson has just over 20% of the 2400 ballots counted in that district.

Elma’s four-way race for mayor is becoming a little more clear, with 498 votes counted in that district, incumbent Mayor David Osgood has the lead at 36%, followed by Jim Sorenson with 29% then Elroy Papke at 22, and former mayor Earl Hari has 11%.

Vini Samuel has a strong lead in the race for Montesano Mayor, who she’ll face in the November General is split by only 31 votes with incumbent Mayor Ken Estes currently leading over Tyler Trimble.