No injuries were reported at a truck fire next to the Aberdeen VFW yesterday. Battalion Chief Troy Palmer with the Aberdeen Fire Department said that they were called to the parking lot off of East Heron Street just after 6 Tuesday evening.
First responders saw smoke and flames coming from under the hood of a 1987 Jeep pick-up truck. The owner said he had just purchased the vehicle and was driving down Heron Street when smoke started coming from under the hood.

The vehicle was valued at approximately $300 and is considered a total loss. The cause of the fire was attributed to improperly installed wiring.

A total of 5 firefighters responded in 1 command vehicle, and 1 fire engine.

What to do if your car is on fire

• Pull over as quickly as it is safe to do so, be sure to use your signal as you make your way to a safe location off the road such as the breakdown lane or rest stop.
• Once you have stopped, TURN OFF the engine.
• GET everyone out of the car. Never return to a burning car for anything.
• MOVE everyone at least 100 feet from the burning car and well away from traffic.
• CALL 9-1-1.