A small craft washed ashore near Washaway beach yesterday. Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said it was reported at about 12:19 PM on Sunday, the Pacific County Communications Center received a report from a concerned citizen that had spotted what they described as a small pleasure craft that appeared to be almost flipping over in the ocean near the surf line of the Washaway beach area. While on the emergency line with the Communications Center, the caller advised that the vessel, which had two occupants on board, had become beached but the waves were continuing to collide with the vessel.

A Pacific County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene. Upon arrival the deputy contacted the operator of the vessel and the other occupant. The operator explained to the deputy that he was operating the boat close to shore in the breakers as the two were recreational fishing. The boat experienced mechanical issues and the waves forced the boat aground. The operator was unable to restart the motor and the vessel was continually slammed by heavy waves and surf on the beach.

The vessel, identified as a 23 foot Bayliner, sustained significant damage. The operator of the vessel and the other occupant were able to exit and walk to the beach voluntarily. The vessel was anchored on the beach to be recovered by the owner.