No injuries were reported after a fire in an apartment of the Broadway Manor at 101 West Second Street in Aberdeen just after 8:30 PM Friday night. Battalion Chief Troy Palmer with the Aberdeen Fire Department said that residents were evacuating the building when engines arrived because smoke was filling the 4th-floor hallway.

Palmer said, “I made my way up to the fourth floor and saw that we had a working fire in apartment 408, so we re-toned for a working structure fire,” that call upgrade notifies additional resources that the city may need a hand with the 5-story building.

Crews were able to enter the apartment and knock down the fire within 5-10 minutes. Investigators will determine the cause of the fire at a later date, Palmer said they have a point-of-origin (in the front-room area) but the cause is pending the full investigation. Palmer later said in a press release that there was an unconfirmed report that the fire was tripped by food cooking.

The fire was contained to one living unit in approximately 10 minutes. The construction of the building, which is concrete, and the closed apartment door contributed to containing the fire.

A total of 9 Aberdeen firefighters responded in 1 command vehicle, 2 engines, and 1 medic unit. Hoquiam Fire Department responded with 2 personnel on 1 engine. The Aberdeen Fire Chief and Assistant Chief also responded.

Damages were mostly smoke and fire-related and were estimated at around $20,000 to the apartment and contents. Palmer said that the single occupant was displaced and left with family members who were making arrangements.

Two people at the scene were assisted for shortness-of-breath after the evacuation down the stairs.