A new face in the political arena has announced his intentions to run for Grays Harbor County Commissioner, challenging current Commissioner Frank Gordon.

Randy Ross said in a press release sent today “I want to be your next County Commissioner for district # 2.

“Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a Washington State native. My roots date back to 1892 when my great grandfather purchased a homestead in north eastern Washington State. I was born in the little town of Chewelah. My father was a self-employed businessman. He worked hard, had a successful business and his lifelong partner, my mother was by him every step of the way. My brother and I learned the value of hard work and, innovation. We learned the value of commitment, of family, and of giving back to our community.”

“I attended high school in my hometown and then went on to college at Whitworth, Washington State University, and Eastern Washington University. I married my high school sweetheart and we have 3 daughters.”

“I pursued a career in teaching, but found I loved being a community banker more. We moved to Aberdeen in 1990 when I accepted the position of branch manager of a local bank. I continued a career in the financial services industry and I not only have experience in banking, but investing and insurance. I currently work as a commercial loan officer for a local community bank. I talk to business and professional leaders every day. I understand their concerns, their problems, and what keeps them up at night.”

“You need to know that when I move to a community, I become part of it. I become passionate about it. My wife and I raised our three daughters here. I found the harbor to be a great place to work and live. There is a great hospital, school system, community college, an arts community and compared to where I grew up, a good economy and most importantly, a great community spirit.”

“When I move to a community I become involved. Over the past 26 years in Western Washington, I have been involved in Rotary, Kiwanis, & Lions. I have been a Chamber member, an EDC member, on the board of Aberdeen Neighborhood Housing Authority aka Neighborworks, the Aberdeen Senior Center, the former Grays Harbor and Pacific County Food Distribution network, Timberland Opportunities, and former president of the Oakview Association.”

“Currently I serve on the Aberdeen Planning Commission, The Grays Harbor Community Hospital Foundation board, The board for theAberdeen Rotary Club and its foundation, the Aberdeen Library board, and I am a past chair and current board member of Greater Grays Harbor, Inc.”

“Our county is in an economic crisis. We are spending our reserves and our commissioners haven’t come up with a solution to stop the bleeding.”

“We as a county deserve leaders that can work with each other. I’m that guy. I have the business and financial experience, the management experience, and I work well with others. I’m running as a non-partisan because at the county level it’s not about party politics, it’s is about doing the best thing for the county. It’s about leadership and moving the county forward. It’s about cooperation and striving for the same common goal.”

“I thought long and hard about this decision. I’m running to make a difference in our community and because we need leaders who are above pettiness and have a willingness to work together; And even when they don’t agree, need to find a way to move forward and find a solution to the issue.”

“I’m Randy Ross. I want to be your county commissioner for District 2. Please get to know me and cast your vote for me in 2016.”