Local phone calls will have to be placed using the area code by the end of July, as we get a new 564 area code across the state. The new area code was approved in 2000 because we were running out of numbers, trimming techniques stalled it’s requirement until recently.

The new code will be an overlay addition to the state’s four existing area codes. No current numbers are changing, however, 564 will be assigned to new numbers in the 360, 206, 253, and 425 areas. Meaning that the area code doesn’t really designate area anymore since your neighbor with a new phone may get the new area code but calling them will still be local.

New numbers in Grays Harbor County will be some of the first to get the new 564 area code, The North American Numbering Plan Administrator says that’s because the 360 region was expected to run out of phone numbers by next year.

Phone providers have been notifying customers for months – and some have different timelines, but overall; Seven-digit calls will cease to work sometime this month. Callers will be required to dial the full 10 digits of a phone number to make a call starting on July 29th.