A mostly-empty building in downtown Aberdeen is under new ownership and looking to sell or fill offices in the landmark commonly known as the Seafirst building. The new owner is the original owner of the land underneath the building.

A Bank of America branch moved out of the building, at 101 East Market Street, in May of 2016. The loss of the anchor tenant left the city’s only indoor parking garage mostly vacant. The parent-company recently fulfilled the remainder of a 1972 agreement with Seafirst that was set to give the building back to the landowner when the original lease expired in 2022.

The owner of the land is Aberdeen Cemetery Association, Inc. Endowed Care Fund. The income from the property is used for maintenance of the 125-acre cemetery on the Wishkah River on the north side of Aberdeen.

David and Sandra Bielski are owners of the third-generation family business at Fern Hill. Bielski said he finished the transfer with Bank of America as of March 1st this year.
“We are currently trying to sell the building and property. We would be open to long term leasing if the building doesn’t sell” Bielski said recently.

It Said SeaFirst First

Originally Seafirst, the offices were acquired by Bank of America in the 1980’s. Remaining Seafirst branches like ours were rebranded as Bank of America in 1998 when Bank of America merged with NationsBank. Yes, you read that correctly, Seafirst became Bank of America after Bank of America became NationsBank.