For the first time in over two decades, Grays Harbor PUD customers may notice a new company carrying out vegetation management and tree trimming contract work for the utility.

Following a competitive bid process, the utility has awarded the vegetation management contract to Wright Tree Services.  The contract went into effect on Monday, Feb. 1st.  Prior to that date, the utility had contracted with Asplundh Tree Services for over 20 years.

“I want to thank Asplundh for the fine work they have done for the Grays Harbor PUD and its customers and I look forward to working with Wright Tree Services in the future,” said PUD Operations Manager Steve Easton.  “Vegetation management is critical to system reliability, especially in a region like Grays Harbor which is known for its rich forestland.”

The vegetation management work directly impacts the PUD’s reliability statistics as contract crews are responsible for mowing and cutting back trees and plants growing below, next to and above PUD transmission and distribution lines.  Without a regular cycle of trimming, tree and plant growth can pose a threat to the PUD infrastructure, especially during wind and rain storms.