There’s a new business stirring things up at the Satsop Business Park, Manager Alissa Shay told Port Commissioners this week. “Brady Homestead LLC, Owned by Chayne King. He is using our kitchen in the S-1 building to make homemade salsa.”
King is a returning business owner to the harbor. He still runs his tech company adnets through business contracts, but this venture started in North Dakota. He recalls how his secret recipe came about “We were in a large house, a bunch of us from Washington lived there. I had always made a pico, and Mike asked me if I could make Salsa [I asked] Pico? He said ‘Let’s make it more red’ so I made something, a hybrid. Everybody loved it, and it just started evolving.”
Salsa samples at the Elma Farm StandChayne said he went from making a couple of quarts per week for friends, to selling more than 33 gallons in the short time that he’s offered free samples of “HBBP Salsa” at the Elma Farm Stand.

What does HBBP stand for? We’re not sure, but Chayne assures us it’s a conversation starter.

A familiar name returning to a familiar building, Chayne King was one of the first couple dozen employees at SafeHarbor, the last big tenant to use the S1 building. He watched that tech company balloon from 20 employees to more than 300 in it’s heyday. (Safeharbor is now part of Enghouse Interactive – developer of call center solutions.)

King said he’s starting small; selling mild, medium, and hot, versions of his salsa in Elma. He also plans to have some of the one-pint jars on the shelf of All Wrapped Up Coffee in Montesano by next week.

Elma Farm Stand