A neighbor recently drew the line with squatters when one literally squatted on the front porch of a vacant Aberdeen home. The man said he was willing to leave them alone in the yard next door but things got messy fast.

John has lived in his house on Sumner Avenue for decades, the house across the street has been vacant with boarded-up windows for more than ten years. Police are called there sometimes when people break into the basement.

The house has been a training ground for the Aberdeen Fire Department and would not be considered livable without some major repairs. None of this has surprised John who has watched the home shift from rental to the boarded-up shell that it is now.

What did surprise John was what happened while watching a couple set up camp in the front yard of the home one hot August afternoon.

He said he was willing to look the other way as they laid out sleeping bags and camping supplies under the shade of a large tree on the property. Then the woman walked up to the second-story front door of the home, pulled her pants down, and squatted on the front porch.

John said police officers were called and moved the couple along.