The Grays Harbor PUD is handling multiple outages throughout the county including a large outage that is impacting parts of Cosmopolis and South Aberdeen all the way to the South beaches, from Westport to Tokeland. Power was just recently restored to Axford Prairie, East Hoquiam Rd and Wishkah.

Outages are also being assessed in Satsop, the Brady Loop Rd and Monte Elma Road, as well as Central Park, North River and Copalis Crossing, and portions of North Grays Harbor.

The PUD is posting updated information to their website as well as on their twitter and facebook accounts Grays Harbor Public Utility District


Here is what those outages look like at just after 4 pm Monday.

  • Around 900 customers out in Satsop, Monte-Elma Road and Brady Loop Road.
  • Over 300 customers out in Cosmopolis in the area of Mill Creek.
  • Nearly 5000 customers are out of power from Harding Road to the South Beach, including Markham, Westport, Grayland and Tokeland.
  • Over 1400 customers are out in Central Park from Lemays Transfer Station to the Hidden Valley Trailer Park. Expect a multiple hour outage.
  • Crews are patrolling in the North River area for the cause of an outage impacting around 60 customers.
  • Kalaloch and Lake Quinault outage impacting 862 customers caused by downed transmission line. Expect multiple hour outage.

Unless otherwise noted there is no estimate of restoration, until causes have been determined.


Winds Continue

The National Weather Service (NWS), in Seattle extended the HIGH WIND WARNING to 6:00 pm tonight for the coastal areas. Along the coast, South/Southwest winds are forecast to be 35-45 mph sustained, likely gusting to 65 mph. Areas likely to be affected are Westport, Ocean Shores, Moclips, Taholah, Hoquiam and Aberdeen.

The National Weather Service in Seattle has cancelled the Wind Advisory for inland areas of the county and has issued a HIGH WIND WARNING all of Western Washington, including inland areas of Grays Harbor County until 9:00 pm tonight. Inland areas of the county will likely see sustained South/Southwest winds at 25-45 mph, with possible gusts to 55-60 mph.

The highest winds will be from mid to late afternoon.

A HIGH SURF ADVISORY has been issued from 7:00 am through 9:00 pm today. High surf conditions with waves 20-22′ will cause significant beach erosion Monday during the mid-day high tide.

Please be alert for downed trees, tree limbs and power lines possibly causing power outages throughout the county.



A High Wind Warning remains in effect until this afternoon.

The weather station at Bowerman Airfield in Hoquiam recorded a wind gust of 40 mph just before 4 this morning. Westport saw 47 wind gusts at 3:30 and again at 4:30 this morning. Most other areas have remained in the upper 20 mph range. Wind intensity is expected to increase until this afternoon.

Along the coast, South/Southwest winds of 35-45 mph could gust to 65.

The strong winds blew a few doors open overnight, the E-911 dispatch center says they had a couple of extra alarm calls from open doors.

Please be alert for downed trees, tree limbs and power lines throughout the county.

A couple hundred lost power overnight. The Grays Harbor PUD reports a wire down on the Middle Satsop Rd before 5 this morning knocked out power to 75 customers.

Power was just restored to around 200 customers that lost power in the Elma Gate Road area just before 2 this morning.

DO NOT use portable generators indoors, or in poorly ventilated areas.


A High Surf Advisory is also in effect until 9 tonight.

High surf conditions with waves 20-25′ will cause significant beach erosion during high tide just after 9 this morning.