At its regular monthly public meeting Tuesday, the Board of Natural Resources authorized the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to purchase two adjoining 40-acre parcels of working forest in western Pacific County. DNR will purchase the parcels, located 4 miles west of the town of Pe Ell, from willing private sellers for a total of $325,000.


“Adding this prime timberland to the Common School Trust will help generate long-term, sustainable revenue for public schools across Washington state,” said Peter Goldmark, Commissioner of Public Lands.


In other action, the board, in its role as the Washington State Board on Geographic Names, approved new official names for two geographic features:


Hix Bay in San Juan County. Originally named for Cynthia and Louis Hix who purchased property surrounding this Shaw Island bay in 1888, the water body’s name has been misspelled on maps as ‘Hicks Bay’ for many years.


Shaner Creek in Thurston County. The name for this formerly unnamed creek north of Rochester commemorates Melvin Shaner, who operated a business nearby and led local efforts to clean up the waterway.


Names approved by the Board are published in the Washington Administrative Code and forwarded to the United States Board on Geographic Names for federal consideration along with the state’s recommendations.


Board of Natural Resources
The Board of Natural Resources adopts policies, approves major commodity sales, and makes decisions about transactions of state lands managed by DNR. Its membership represents the major beneficiaries of state trust lands.