A Hoquiam woman is in custody on charges of Murder in the 1st degree and Assault charges after a 4 hour standoff at her home Monday ended peacefully.  Police Chief Jeff Myers said from the corner of 3rd and M Streets just after 6 pm Monday, “we had a call of a stabbing in the 300 block of M street. A female had apparently stabbed a male. We discovered a [59-year-old] male down on the sidewalk, he had multiple stab wounds.”

Myers was the first one on the scene just before 4 Monday afternoon. He said they have also interviewed a witness. “We do have a witness that drove by, who had just picked up her children at school and saw the stabbing happening on the street.”

Myers said the woman was seen inside the home after he arrived. The 45-year-old woman has a history with their department. She was released from the Grays Harbor County Jail less than a week ago, after serving 90 days for Assault with a knife.

The victim was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen with several stab wounds, listed in critical condition. Myers said last night that the man did not survive at the hospital, but police were holding that information until the standoff could be resolved.

Some neighboring houses were asked to evacuate or shelter in place as negotiators and family tried to talk with her over a “drop phone” that was thrown into the house. She surrendered to police inside the home just after 8 Monday night.

The 45-year-old woman has a history with their department. She was released from the Grays Harbor County Jail less than a week ago, after serving 90 days for Assault with a knife.

The Crisis Response Unit is comprised of Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, Montesano, and the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

Myers issued a press release Tuesday morning that said upon the arrival of the first officers at the scene, they located a 59-year old male down with multiple stab wounds. He advised police he had been stabbed by the 45-year old female resident of the nearby home. Apparently, the male was a friend of the suspect.

It was believed the suspect retreated into her residence after the stabbing. As it was clear the male was suffering from serious injuries, officers surrounded the residence so paramedics from the Hoquiam Fire Department could come into the scene to render aid. The male was immediately transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital by Hoquiam ambulance.
Officers surrounding the house soon could hear noises from inside; they caught glimpses of the suspect inside as she darted from room to room. She was armed with a large style hunting knife and at one time was walking around with an axe.

Officers from the Aberdeen Police Department responded to assist as well as deputy sheriffs from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department. It was determined the female was wanted on an outstanding felony warrant from the state Department of Corrections for a probation violation.

As the suspect was obviously armed, the Aberdeen Regional Crisis Response Unit was activated. The CRU consists of officers from Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, Montesano and the Sheriff’s Office.

A command post was established and several streets were blocked to traffic around the scene; immediate next door neighbors were directed to shelter in place or to evacuate. Hoquiam detectives obtained a search warrant for the home.

The Aberdeen Regional CRU initiated tactical control of the scene, including a negotiator who attempted to contact the suspect inside the residence to no avail. The CRU armored vehicle was positioned at the front of the home announcing the warrant and for the suspect to surrender. There was no response.

At approximately 1653 hours, the hospital notified the command post the victim had died of his injuries. Family members of the suspect, who live only a few blocks away, offered to assist in talking to the woman, but she apparently had no phone or cell phone inside. The CRU later breached the front door to deploy a “throw phone” so negotiators could attempt to communicate with the suspect inside.

Members of the CRU continued to attempt to coax the female to surrender. They located her inside the residence armed with a large knife as she descended from the second floor. She dropped the knife when ordered by officers and was taken into custody at 1921 hours. The suspect was transported to the Hoquiam Police Department where she was interviewed by detectives. She was later booked at the Grays Harbor County Jail for murder.

Detectives at the scene, assisted by detectives from the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department, collected evidence inside the residence as well as measured the scene outside from the home to the sidewalk. Myers said the initial investigation indicated the male was likely first stabbed in a back room of the home before stumbling out to the sidewalk where he was, apparently, stabbed again.

The Grays Harbor County Coroner’s Office has scheduled an autopsy for Wednesday.

Hoquiam officers are very familiar with the suspect as she had numerous police contacts for mental health related issues. She had just recently been released from jail after a completing a 90-day court sentence for stabbing a different male with a large hunting style knife at the same location back on July 7, 2016.