Retired Four-time supercross and three-time motocross champion Ryan Villopoto has been selected as the new promoter for Straddleline ORV Park. The Grays Harbor County Commissioners held a special meeting yesterday to consider two candidates, Villopoto and Pacific Northwest Motorcross were chosen over Mecca ORV LLC.

Villopoto’s plan promised several big name sponsors including his biggest sponsors Monster Energy and Kawasaki, the plan also promised Villopoto himself.

Brent Davis, a representative of Pacific Northwest Motorcross told commissioners that with nearly a million followers, Villopoto’s social media could do most of the promotional work. “They get to spend every day with him, he’s not just signing on to put his name on it. He’s going to be a part of this park. He’ll be out there on the dozer, he’ll be cleaning the restrooms with me.” Davis chuckled then added, “It’s going to be a huge economic swing for Grays Harbor County to be able to have Ryan involved. He could send one tweet out, send I don’t even know how many people.”

Retired from the racing circuits at 27, the 28-year-old told Ryan commissioners yesterday, “I can’t sit at home and sit on the couch, you know, I’m young. so I figure get back into something, get into something that I really know. I have two little boys now, two and a half months old. So obviously they’re going to be starting to ride or do something along [those lines] outdoors, because that’s what we do.”

The business plan included improvements to the tracks as well as developing an RV park, mountain bike course, and zip line attractions.