Montesano Mayor Ken Estes has announced he plans to run for re-election. Estes said in a press release “It’s simple: I want to be your Mayor for the next four years.” We have accomplished a lot and the two announced candidates for Mayor both speak of the city needing to go back the way it was (I assume before I was elected). Because of this and what we have done, I announce I will be a candidate for re-election as Mayor of Montesano.”
We walked into problems that had been rampant for years—lack of supervision, inappropriate behavior and lax security. It was tough on employees and it was not fun for me. But we have taken care of the problems and have overcome them and are moving ahead.
I have no desire to return to the past, but would like to continue to move Montesano ahead. When I was elected we were reaching into the near bottom of the recession, yet we have maintained a balanced budget every year I have been your Mayor. Over 100 homes were in foreclosure and we are down to about 30 today. Plus 11 new homes in 2014 and five already started in 2015.
Best is several great new stores have come into our city and now are making a name for themselves; All Blinged Out, Petal Pushers, Organics 101 and others. This year alone five new businesses are starting up, a 52 unit upscale RV park, a new Restaurant, Harbor Ventilation, Wynooche Valley Meats and the iconic Gene’s Stop and go.
We have created a new, clean and secure Public Works building where our infrastructure is safe from the weather and criminal acts. And it will be paid off this June, less than three years from financing.
We have completed a second 750,000 gallon water tank (capacity is now 1.5 million gallons; enough to supply Montesano’s needs for many years out. All homes now have nearby hydrants for fire suppression.
Grants have been acquired for the Downtown Phase II street project, revetment protection for our property at Mary’s River Lumber and our Waste Water Treatment Plant for those projects without raising taxes.
Balanced budgets paid off debt, better water and better working conditions are the true results of the last 3 ½ years.
It is an honor to be your mayor and now I want to continue what we have started—true economic development, better cemetery conditions, more grants for streets, solid proven leadership. I respectfully request your vote in August and November.