A Montesano man was arrested at his home after investigators say he drove his truck into the Blue Beacon in South Aberdeen and fled into the nearby woods.

It was reported after 6 PM Monday, the 911 caller said that they heard a loud crash and the bar at the Blue Beacon moved. Moments later they said that a vehicle had struck the building and the driver was leaving.

Arriving officers found a Ford F350 pickup behind the restaurant with extensive front end damage, and matching damage to the corner of the building. Police said the outside wall was pushed into the bar area, and could have seriously injured someone had they been there at the time.

A witness said that the suspect was arguing with someone in the restaurant, and another identified him as at Kyle Deitrick.

Officers from nearby agencies setup a search in the area but were unable to locate him. Deputies eventually arrested him at his home in Montesano. Before being booked into the Aberdeen City Jail, he told investigators that he left his keys on the counter and one of his buddies must have stolen his truck.