The Mason County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a recent phone scam where someone impersonated a Deputy Sheriff from their office trying to get a social security number.

Detective Bill Adam with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office tells us a Mason County resident caught on before providing their personal information, and called the real police. That’s when a real cop called the fake one, posing as the victim’s spouse. A man answered as “the Mason County Sheriff’s Office,” but when told he was speaking with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, he brashly admitted that he uses the scam to get social security numbers and then hung up on officers.

It’s rarely a good idea to provide that type of personal information over the phone, especially when contacted and not sure of who you are talking to. Adam said even though real Deputies may in fact call people to tell them they have a warrant, a real Deputy will not ask for any individuals social security numbers over the telephone.

Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury stated that identity theft is one of the biggest and fastest growing crimes in the nation and that all citizens need to safeguard their personal information. The reporting person in this case is to be commended for not providing their personal information and for calling the Mason County Sheriff’s Office publicly listed number.