The Mason County Sheriff’s Department says better coverage on the North end of the county is beginning to show in the numbers, a press release from Detective William Adam says the culmination of a campaign promise made by Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury to have a full time North Precinct demonstrates a drop in crime in the north end of Mason County.  “The specific statistics are as follows, comparing 2013 to 2014.

2013               2014

Arson                     1                      0                      100% Decrease

Assault                  20                    28                   Increase by 8

Burglary                 249                 149                 40% Decrease

Homicide               1                      2                     Increase by 1

Theft                      252                 203                 19% Decrease

Motor Veh. Theft   47                    43                 8 ½ % Decrease

Rape                      6                      1                      83% Decrease

Robbery                 5                      3                      40% Decrease


Another highlight shows that out of 17,805 calls for service, there were only 54 use of force situations, meaning that Mason County Deputies only had to use force, less than a third of a percent of all of the contacts made.  This statistic is well below the average across the state and in the USA.

Sheriff Salisbury stated that it has been many years in the making, but that the credit goes to the Deputies and Volunteers working 24/7 to serve the citizens of Mason County.  Having assigned north end Deputies, a North Precinct facility and a Chief Deputy specifically assigned to coordinate all operations in the north end of the county makes a huge difference.

Sheriff Salisbury continued that the professionalism and dedication to serving and protecting the citizens is because of the Chief Deputy, Sergeants, Corporals, Deputies and Volunteers of the North Precinct.