Shots were fired by suspects and victims in Mason County earlier this week. Detective William Adam with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office reports On Sunday, May 24, 2015, at approximately 1:13 AM, MACECOM Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call that there was a vehicle collision and the sound of gun fire in the area of 18270 State Route 3, Allyn, WA.

Deputies responded to find that a man had been robbed at gun point outside of the Spencer Lake Tavern and $1,900.00 in cash had been taken. The robbery victim and a friend then pursued the suspects that had fled in two different vehicles, both driving northbound on State Route 3.

During the pursuit, it is alleged that one of the suspects discharged a firearm at the pursuing victim. It is then alleged that the victim then discharged a firearm at the fleeing suspects.

One of the suspect’s vehicles crashed and caught fire in the area of 18270 State Route 3, Allyn, WA. The other suspects in the first vehicle stopped, retrieved one of the occupants and then continued to flee north toward Belfair. The victim and his friend continued to pursue the suspects.

Deputies stopped the victim and his friend. The victim was later arrested. A person at the crash site was detained and later arrested. A third person involved in the incident was contacted and later arrested.

Due to the on-going investigation, no names or any further information will be released at this time.