A Westport man is in custody this morning on several felonies after wrestling with a police officer, tasing him, then holding his wife hostage before running through two Westport homes.
Westport Police tell KBKW it started in the 1300 block of Hancock Avenue at 7:50 Sunday night, Officer Brad Staab [st-AH-b] was the first on scene of an aid call and knew of a no contact order between the two involved, 40 year old George Lytle III and Lytle’s wife.

As he resisted arrest, Staab tased Lytle but wasn’t able to get handcuffs on before they began wrestling. At some point the man took the taser and was punching and stunning the officer with it. Staab was able to push the man off, and draw his firearm, but the man’s wife ran out of the woods and got in between the two; begging the officer not to shoot her husband.
As Staab ordered the man to drop the taser, the man grabbed his wife and put the taser to her head saying “you’re going to have to shoot me,” he released her and ran shortly afterward.
On Surf street he ran through the home of an elderly couple, as a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Ranger was arriving to aid Staab.
Moments later he ran into another home with 4 kids inside, aged 13 to 8, and demanded to know where their parents – then where their parents’ car keys where. Ranger Wendsel and Officer Staab arrived as the suspect ran out the front door and down Ocean Avenue.
By this time the man’s wife showed up in their green VW Beetle, but he wasn’t able to get in and the two officers were took him into custody on charges of Assault in the Second Degree, Disarming a Police Officer, and Burglary.
Wendsel received superficial cuts and was treated on scene. Officer Staab was transported to Community Hospital in Aberdeen, and treated for a broken bone in his left hand.