An Aberdeen officer with a keen eye called for backup during a routine traffic stop this morning after spotting ammo, then a gun next to a suspected DUI-driver. It started with the stop in the 100 Block of East Heron Street around 4 am Wednesday morning.

The driver parked on the left side of the road and the officer stood at his passenger window. When Officer Blodgett watched the driver get his information from the glovebox he also noticed two boxes of .45 caliber ammunition. The officer asked if the man had a weapon and the man said he did not. At about the same time, the officer spotted a handgun next to the man’s leg.

Blodgett called for backup as he continued to process the traffic stop. Officer Capps and Sgt. Lampkey arrived to assist. The 21-year-old man was taken into custody, without incident, on investigation of DUI and related weapons charges.

Sgt. Lampkey said the man did not have a concealed weapons permit, and the handgun was not registered in his name.