Multiple vehicle prowl incidents in East Hoquiam may be traced back to one Olympia man after . Sgt. Jeff Salstrom said that police responded to multiple vehicle prowls and an attempted vehicle theft in close proximity to each other in east Hoquiam on the morning of December 2nd. All of the vehicles were import model passenger cars, mostly Acuras and Hondas.

Investigators noted something unusual about the prowls; several of the vehicles had been locked, according to their owners, but no sign of forced entry was located. In other prowls, a tool had been used to break the lock mechanism.

The vast majority of vehicle prowls investigated by local officers are from unlocked vehicles or the occasional “smash and grab” type where a window is broken and an item of value that was left in plain sight is taken.

Later Friday afternoon they received a call from the Washington State Patrol, troopers arrested a man after a pursuit in the Olympia area who said he had stolen a car in Olympia and driven it to Hoquiam. He also admitted to stealing the 1996 Acura that he was caught in while he was in Hoquiam. The Acura had out of state license plates and no current owner address.

The suspect was identified as a 30-year old Olympia man who had formerly lived in Hoquiam. He was arrested for several felony crimes by troopers.

Hoquiam Officer Blundred began searching the area of the vehicle prowls and located another 1996 Acura parked behind a residence in the alley of the 2700 block of Simpson Avenue. A check showed it had been reported Stolen from Olympia.

Officer Blundred began searching through items strewn about the alley and located paperwork with the name of the registered owner of the stolen vehicle from which the suspect had been arrested. This led Officer Blundred to an address in Hoquiam. He contacted the occupant who did not realize his vehicle had been stolen.

Hoquiam officers are continuing their investigation in conjunction with the Washington State Patrol and the Olympia Police Department. It is likely the suspect will face several charges in Hoquiam in addition to the felony charges he faces in Thurston County.