A 50-year-old Aberdeen man was arrested after surveillance video showed him shoot a dog with an arrow at the Grays Harbor Bowman’s Club along the Westport highway.

Undersheriff David Pimentel with the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office said that his deputies were dispatched to the 800 block of State Route 105 in rural Aberdeen around 3:00 Sunday afternoon, May 14, 2017. A man told investigators that his dog returned home with an arrow protruding from its torso. The reporting party believed his family dog may have been shot at the nearby Grays Harbor Bowman’s Club.

Deputies contacted members of the Bowman’s Club after hours who were able to check video footage from the facility security system. From the video, a white male was later identified as a club member and was seen shooting the dog from a distance of approximately 40 yards with a bow and arrow.  Pimentel noted that it appears he was the only person at the club at the time. The arrow has been removed from the dog and he has received veterinary treatment and at this time appears to be doing well. Attached is a picture of the dog that was shot prior to the arrow being removed.

At 2:00 pm Monday, May 15th, after the club member had been positively identified, a 50-year-old white male was arrested in Aberdeen by Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Deputies and Department of Corrections officers. The subject was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail on Animal Cruelty First Degree charges. The bow, the arrow recovered from the dog and the clothing the suspect was wearing at the time he shot the dog have been recovered as evidence.

Pimentel said that the video will not be released until after the reports have been completed and submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Prosecuting Attorney authorizes the release of the video to the media.