LOVE FROM THE HYP presents Go Beyond The Veil

Go Beyond The Veil features hosts Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Hypnotherapist Sakura Sutter, and Transformational Coach & Author Rory Reich as they interview people who make a living crossing the veil.

They ask the hard questions to break down the metaphysical topics, in order to offer you more clarity, in an effort to put your skepticism to rest and make spiritual sense once and for all!

Originally from Chicago, Sakura Sutter is a master esthetician, spiritual hypnotherapist & coach, intuitive medium and radio host of “Love From The Hyp.”  She has been working in the cosmetic industry for 18 years.  She left the larger spas to open up her own hybrid practice in Redmond, WA to care for clients in the way she believed they needed to be cared for. In her own practice, Sakura incorporates skin, mind and energy modalities to help her clients address the big picture.  By assisting them with overcoming trauma patterns and phobias, releasing emotional blockages, and even connecting with lost loved ones, Sakura, helps people to love what’s on the inside so that they can love what’s on the outside.

A few years ago, Sakura was on the brink of death with a rare auto immune disorder, which forced her into healing herself, especially the part of her she didn’t understand and had suppressed for so long for fear of being different. Sakura had to learn to love herself again.

After successfully healing, she started her radio show, “Love From The Hyp” in hopes of not only sharing her own personal story to lend support to others suffering from any physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailment, but also to provide a place where people could go who felt alone. She strives to gather resources, research, and recommendations that others may resonate with and bring in to their own healing journey. She has since started two more radio shows, that of Love From The Hyp presents Go Beyond The Veil as well as The Conscious Coaching Hour, all in an effort to align with her mission in life, to help others to heal and love themselves again.