Grays Harbor residents reported hearing a loud boom and seeing a flash of light in the sky last night. Dispatchers at the E-911 center received over 100 calls in less than 10 minutes from all over the county Wednesday evening.

Q13 meteorologist Walter Kelly tweeted that it was a bolide, a meteor that breaks the sound barrier as it enters our atmosphere. The Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency said in a Facebook post this morning “Still no definite confirmation for the cause of the flash of light and loud boom in the Pacific Northwest last night. It was possibly a Bolide Meteoroid. There were 15 reports to the American Meteor Society about the same incident last night.”

Video from area security cameras shows the clouds pulse twice with light, although the time varies on that footage.

The National Weather Service confirmed that no weather events were taking place at the time of the report, just after 7 last night. The FAA and the Western Air Defense Sector also reported no issues.

The Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency said that there were no reports of explosions or crashes on the ground.