A Longview man was arrested on felony vehicle prowl charges after police found evidence that he rummaged through a moored tugboat. Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers said that Officer Slater noticed two men behind a closed business in the 400 block of 6th Street early Monday morning, January 28th. One of the men appeared to be rummaging in the dumpster while the other attempted to ride away on a red bicycle.

Officer Slater was familiar with the man on the bike as the 20-year-old from Longview had been contacted several times earlier in the shift; at one point he was even given a courtesy ride to the hospital regarding possible mental health issues.

However, during all the prior contacts, the subject was on foot and did not have a bicycle. As Officer Slater spoke with the subject, the man admitted he had taken the bicycle from “a boat”. Sgt. Mitchell started checking locations in the area and noted one of the tugboats moored in the 700 block of Levee Street had been boarded and the cabin entered.

The suspect was detained and a knife was recovered from his pocket.

During the course of the investigation, Myers said that officers verified the high-value bicycle he was riding and the knife in his pocket had been stolen from inside the vessel after the suspect had rummaged through the galley.

The suspect was held at the Hoquiam City Jail prior to being transferred to the Grays Harbor County Jail on the felony charges of vehicle prowling in the first degree (because it was a vessel) and theft second degree (due to the value of the bicycle).

The bicycle was returned to the owner and there was no damage noted to the vessel itself.