Thursday, October 12, 2017, marks the 55th anniversary to one of the biggest storms to ever impact the Pacific Northwest. The Columbus Day Storm of 1962 unleashed wind gusts between 80 and 100 mph affecting Washington and Oregon. Many people were killed and injured during the event.

Chuck Wallace, Deputy Director of the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management said in a press release, “We are now beginning our prime fall and winter storm season. Large storm events have impacted our homes and communities before and it is certain another will unleash mayhem in the future.”

The link below gives great information about the impacts of the event:

Please check all of your preparedness items and restore anything missing or in need of replacement. Be sure to check your portable generators for safe operation and stress it should NEVER be used indoors or near windows or doors.  Also, please check your downspouts for debris as well as your chimney for bird nests and other items which may occlude the smoke from traveling up to the outside.


Be sure to prepare and/or check your GO Kits in the event you must leave your home or workplace –

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Offers a Variety of Ways to Receive Severe Weather and Emergency and Disaster Information.


Grays Harbor Emergency Management posts the most up to date and verified information available through all of the outlets described below.

 Please take the time to verify information before you pass it on to others.


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  • All Grays Harbor County citizens are urged to obtain an All Hazard ALERT Weather Radio for immediate alerts for severe weather and disaster information.


  • Remember, television usually DOES NOT broadcast the correct emergency information for your site-specific location in Grays Harbor County.


  • All local AM/FM radio stations will transmit the most up to date information from Grays Harbor Emergency Management.


  • You can also receive an informational e-mail from Emergency Management on a one to two day basis with information on world disaster events, new information on natural hazards and general preparedness issues.


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