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Oregon Amber alert ends in arrest in Washington

Olympia – Around 2:00 p.m. today the Nampa Idaho Police Department requested an AMBER alert issued in Idaho on May 19, 2015, be extended...

Grays Harbor PUD to Receive Nearly 4.5 Million Dollar Reimbursement From December Storm Response

ABERDEEN, Wash. - The Grays Harbor Public Utility District (PUD) today said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has agreed to reimburse Grays Harbor almost $4 million paid to contractors who restored power and conducted emergency repairs to its electrical infrastructure caused by the destructive December 2, 2007 storm. In addition, the FEMA approval paves the way for the PUD to receive another $639,000 in State emergency funds that were contingent on FEMA’s approval of the District’s appeal, bringing the total to more than $4.4 million dollars.
FEMA initially denied the claim because Grays Harbor did not seek competitive bids or sign contracts before the emergency work began. The District successfully appealed arguing that the ability to anticipate a storm of that magnitude and have competitive bids for unknown levels of emergency work is not feasible as during this time we could not even access many portions of the county.  Apparently, FEMA had changed their rules in 2007. The District now has taken steps to ensure future compliance to not face this situation again. In addition, another $1.3 million is still being reviewed as part of the appeal and also could result in additional funds being released.

Chehalis Woman Runs For 13 Years, Returns to Face Parental Kidnapping Charges

CHEHALIS, Wash. - A former resident of Lewis County, Washington, KAREN KRISTINE SUDDERTH, 52, formerly of Chehalis, Washington, was taken into custody today at Sea-Tac Airport as she arrived on a flight from Thailand. There has been a warrant out for SUDDERTH’s arrest since January 22, 1997, for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. In July 1999, SUDDERTH was indicted by a federal grand jury for International Parental Kidnapping. According to court documents, the case began on August 30, 1996, when SUDDERTH failed to bring her son, who was then five-years-old, to a scheduled weekend visitation with his father. Mother and son fled the U.S. in September 1996, and remained out of the reach of law enforcement until today. The son turned 18 last week, prompting SUDDERTH to contact law enforcement and return to the United States.

Workshops to establish contingency planning requirements for railroads transporting CBR

The Washington Department of Ecology recently began rulemaking to propose a new rule, Chapter 173-186 WAC, Oil Spill Contingency Plan – Railroad.  The rulemaking will...

Come As You Are, And Stay A While

ABERDEEN, Wash. - Mayor Bill Simpson said last night that the “Come as You Are” welcome sign will stay at the East entrance to the city. "I have received email after email about the Kurt Cobain sign. Three hundred and fourteen people from across the United States, I had a lady from Hannibal Missouri who has never been to Aberdeen but wants to make sure we keep the sign. As far as I'm concerned at this point and time, ‘Come as You Are’ is not leaving.
The city has taken heat since an article in the Daily World implied that they planned to remove or replace the sign that features the title to a Kurt Cobain song. Simspon said at last night's council meeting that the sign stays.

Washington State DOT Discusses Timelines with City of Hoquiam

HOQUIAM, Wash. - From 3 weeks, to several months, the timeline expected in Hoquiam on the Simpson Avenue Bridge.  The Hoquiam City Council heard from the Washington Department of Transportation on the Bridge closures last night. Kevin Dayton, Region Administrator for the DOT said last night "We're monitoring it... we're in the process as of today of pursuing a temporary fix" 

Within the week, the Department hopes to know what the scope of a temporary fix would be, with the timeline running around 2 to 3 weeks Dayton told the council "temporary guy wires holding that pier back... our goal of coarse is one to stabilize it, but two; to get traffic back on it." The recent Diver inspection found severe corrosion of pilings under the second Pier on the East side of the Simpson Avenue Bridge.

A Permanent fix could take several months, however Dayton said that repairs would mostly happen on the water near the second peir and could have a low impact on traffic over the bridge. Traffic under the bridge however may be impacted for some time said Dayton "rite now we're only opening one bastille, for marine openings and we're doing it once a day at high tide slack"

The Department of Transportation has added a schedule of the single span opening to their website as http://wsdot.wa.gov

Hargrove bill seeks clarification on DNR lands requiring Discover Pass

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Sen. Jim Hargrove is proposing legislation which would allow owners of the Discover Pass to transfer it between two vehicles and which would clarify what Department of Natural Resources (DNR) lands the passes are required to access.
Senate Bill 5998 was introduced in the last day of the special session.  Hargrove says in addition to increasing the number of vehicles a pass can be used for, the bill seeks to correct the definition of DNR lands that require the pass for public access.
“I am concerned about the criteria the Department of Natural Resources has developed for determining whether a Discover Pass is required,” says Hargrove, a member of the Natural Resources & Marine Waters Committee.  
When the Discover Pass was created in the spring, the legislation stated that the $30 annual or $10 daily pass was required to access “any recreation site or land”.  State lands that fall under that heading must meet certain criteria, such as having adopted recreation plans, campgrounds, trailheads or documented management costs.  Hargrove says questions about those criteria are causing confusion.

Structure Fire Response Blocks Sumner/101 in Hoquiam

HOQUIAM, Wash. - A House fire bordering Aberdeen and Hoquiam this morning has blocked Highway 101. The Hoquiam Fire Department tells us Sumner Avenue is blocked this morning at both Oak and Myrtle streets, as crews respond to a structure fire. Responders tell us the street will be blocked until at least 7 this morning, commuters are encouraged to take Cherry street, or the Port Dock Road, as alternate routes.

Local KAHS-LP Cleans up at Washington State High School Radio Awards

Aberdeen High School’s KAHS Radio station walked away with five awards in route to a third place in Overall Excellence at the 9th annual...