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Keep The Change in Aberdeen

City Signs Deter PanhandlingABERDEEN, Wash. - The Downtown Parking and Business Improvement District agreed today to order signs to discourage panhandling. Police Chief Bob Torgerson said Aberdeen has no ordinance against the panhandlers "we're not saying they can't panhandle or anything else, we're just trying to inform people that the best choice is to give it to a charity that can  really help people in need."
In at least one case the committee will have to approach WalMart to place a sign on their property, one of the hotspots for panhandlers in Aberdeen. The signs will cost the city between 32 and 53 dollars depending on size. Mayor Bill Simpson said the issue of panhandling seems to be getting worse in Aberdeen "You get them downtown, a little more on the aggressive side."
The Supreme court has ruled that panhandling is a form of free speech protected under the first amendment of the US Constitution.
The signs were inspired by signs found in Spokane, and say "Keep The Change, don't support panhandling." Then state under a 'no change' symbol that the majority of change given goes to drugs and alcohol. and says you can help more by giving to charity.

Assistance Now Available For On-Farm Energy Conservation

SPOKANE, Wash. - Financial and technical assistance is now available through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)for producers interested in conserving energy on their property, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) announced today.


NRCS and producers develop Agricultural Energy Management Plans (AgEMP) or farm energy audits that assess energy consumption on an operation. NRCS then uses auditdata to develop energy conservation recommendations. Each AgEMP has a landscape component that assesses equipment and farming processes and a farm headquarters component that assesses power usage and efficiencies in livestock buildings, grain handling operations, and similar facilities to support the farm operation.

Attorney General announces major victory in state’s case with Washington man who promised help...

SEATTLE – The Washington Attorney General’s Office declared a major victory for consumers today in response to a judge’s order that a notorious foreclosure rescue scammer must pay more than $3.2 million to victims he wronged plus $179,000 in penalties for violating the Consumer Protection Act.


“Joseph Kaiser’s a cunning real estate investor who made his living by claiming to help people facing tax foreclosure – then taking their homes, land and money,” Attorney General Rob McKenna said. “Thanks to the hard work of our Consumer Protection Division, he will no longer be able to prey on struggling homeowners.” 

The Attorney General’s Office also obtained an order permanently stopping Kaiser from participating in real estate transactions with people facing foreclosure.

Kaiser, of Tacoma, was the first foreclosure “rescuer” to be tried by the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division, which works to enforce a fair marketplace for consumers and businesses. He is the author of several books describing tactics for making quick profits from real estate and has conducted seminars to teach his methods for earning large amounts of money through deals involving distressed properties.

YMCA of Grays Harbor celebrates Healthy Kids Day® with free event April 27

To kick-start physical activity and learning throughout the summer, a critical out-of-school time for kids, the YMCA of Grays Harbor is celebrating Healthy Kids...

State Patrol tells drivers in Thurston and Kitsap Counties: Heed Your Speed!

In Washington State, Thurston and Kitsap counties would be good places to avoid if you have a problem driving the speed limit, and a...

Miller Junior High School Notifies Parents After Bathroom Graffiti Reads “I wanna bomb this...

Parents of students at Miller Junior High School were notified yesterday after what the school called a graffiti incident in a girls’ bathroom. Principal Lisa...

Hoquiam Farmers Market News : Oslo Kringle Edition

Thank you for making our Open House such a success! Our parking lot was completely full on Saturday, what a joy to behold. Christmas tree sales were brisk, so Santa brought more in this week. Mine is in the stand, but not yet decorated- maybe tonight?
I spent yesterday making jam with one of my oldest and dearest friends. If you are fortunate enough to be on my Christmas gift list, expect some Little Wild Blackberry jam in your stocking!
When it comes to Holiday baking, I have one word of advice for you; Butter.
I cover my ears to any howls of protest and take a firm stand on this matter.
Butter is King.
Butter is Supreme.
Butter is.. Well, you get my meaning.
If I happen to see you in the grocery store holding a package of margarine I will snatch it away and subject you to a stern lecture about using quality ingredients to achieve quality results. I will regale you with the pitiful story of having received a lovely plate of cookies from a well meaning friend only to bite into a sugar cookie made with, you guessed it, margarine. What a sad waste of precious time! And just think about Santa on Christmas Eve. Would you ever want to present the jolly old elf himself with second quality cookies? This is a guy who has massive experience in cookie consumption. Of course, he holds any cookie made by a child in the highest esteem even if it is rock hard and requires hot cocoa to soften up.

Shelton Elks Lodge hosting “All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed” in March

The Shelton Elks Lodge is holding the first of its 2015 semiannual “All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feeds” on March 7, 2015. The crab feed will be held...

Tax Season, BBB Warns That Thieves Are After W-2 Details

OLYMPIA, Wash. - With tax season in progress, the Washington Better Business Bureau says identity thieves know that W-2s are now in mailboxes, vehicles and other unsecured locations.

Some tax forms contain personal identifiers such as Social Security numbers and birthdates-which thieves can use to steal identities. Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington reminds employees to securely transport and store sensitive paperwork:

- Lock important items in file cabinets or safes.

- Don't leave paperwork unattended in vehicles or offices.

- Pick up mail quickly if secured mailboxes or P.O. boxes are not an option.

BBB offers more identity theft prevention tips at akorww.bbb.org/identity-theft-prevention.